MDMBusiness is a management tool designed so that the ICT Administrator of a company, can control and monitor the Android devices of their organization.


Linking or Enrolment

The devices are registered in the system through the SmartLink app (available for free in the Play Store). The process is as simple as scanning the device’s QR code and entering the organisation’s linking code. In a few seconds, all devices will be linked to the organization and will be visible on the Dashboard.

Device Management

The ICT administrator manages, the entire system from the Dashboard, without having to manipulate the devices. The Dashboard is simple web app that can be used from any devide with an internet connection and a browser. You can configurate the devices as you wish and send different settings to a single device or severla of them, with a few clicks.


The organization can handle its own app repository to manage the installation and uninstallation of those selected. But you can also decide which apps are enabled or unable to be used on each device.

Assigned Access Mode & and Kiosk Mode

It is possible set up the device to show by default an app of our choice when it is turned on (default mode), but also so that app cannot be shut and is always available (kiosk mode).

Wi-Fi Network Management

By means of the Dashboard the Wi-Fi Networks to which the devices can connect can be configured. By On-Wi fi function you could force the connection to an specific Wi-Fi network from among all the ones available; for example, in order to avoid accidental connection to open networks nearby, which may be unsafe or have poor quality.


This allows you to know the location of any Android devices belonging to an organization. This function is available for the ICT administrator.

Emergency SOS

Thanks to this option, it is possible to configure an emergency phone number to contact in case of an accident, fire or any type of health or safety risk. Also, up to three emails where to receive the location of the device at the time of the alert can be set up. The emergency is activated from the device, thanks to its SOS button.

Device settings

You will be able to allow, configure or block the use of basic functions of your organization’s devices such as Internet access, camera, brightness, volume, bluetooth, even the Android settings or access to the Play Store. Further more, the devices could be blocked in case of loss or theft.

Call management

The ICT administrator could manage the oncoming and outgoing calls, being able to restrain them or not applying any restrictions. Other way to manage the call´s flow is by stablishing a list of phone numbers allowed or not.

Business chat

The ICT administrator can set up the chat rooms needed by the organisation; by using these chat rooms, the users can communicate in a safe and direct way with each other. Therefore, the organisations can avoid the use of third-party apps that can be unsafe or simply a distraction.


It is possible to check the history of incoming and outgoing calls at any time, the visited web pages and installed apps, for each device within an organization. This information will be also presented thruogh graphics that assist with the task of analysing the use of the devices.

Internet Filter

It is possible to filter the content while surfing internet using the devices of an organisation, blocking and allowing access to specific web page or content, by using our safe browser

Valor añadido

Implementation and security

It is a product that adapts and helps perfectly to companies that need an additional security layer to their own ones or third party’s solutions used.


Our experience with companies in recent years, has proved that being there when needed is essential. MDMBusiness is not just a product, but a solution that includes services: technical support, ICT advisory and consulting, updates, implementation training and project management.


The MDMBusiness software is integrated during the tablet manufacturing process.


It is an innovative and decisive product that adapts to all different company models, able to apply different usage policies to each sub-organisation or department. It allows to differentiate according to the responsibility of the employees, for example, some employees can navigate freely while others are protected by the Internet filter.

Without a doubt, it is the perfect complement for projects based on Android devices.

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